Thursday, 19 February 2015

SiliconMentor: The Growing Firm in Computer Vision

SiliconMentor is playing a big role in computer vision field. Image processing is one of the hottest of research of the computer vision in 21st century as it covers a wide area of applications. Image Processing involves various operations on the digital image where input and output of the process must be digital image.

Image Processing

The major topics of image processing:

1. Image enhancement
2. Feature extraction
3. Image compression
4. Image restoration.

The current generation intended to make all the machines autonomous to reduce the human efforts. The image processing is the backbone of the autonomous machines as it facilitates them in real time environment observation. The detection and authentication is an area primarily based on image processing as it reduces the human involvement for the security purpose.

SiliconMentor is involved in the research of all primary areas of image processing. We are developing a system that will be used at the border for the surveillance purpose. The aim of this system is to provide better resource to surveillance the border effectively by which minimum force will be required to protect the border. Our system will be expected to save the burden and the cost of sending the intervention forces.

With the involvement on these research areas SiliconMentor also facilitates a shared platform for the researchers and the innovators so that they can put their research projects to another level. The experts from the algorithm development team guide researchers to develop new mathematical equations and the algorithms. The experts from the hardware design team guides researches to implement their algorithms on the real time environment.

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