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Writing a PhD thesis appears to be daunting task in the beginning as the professors are not aware with the way to initiate the procedure for the same. The PhD or Doctoral thesis needs hands on expertise in technical writing which is the main drawback of PhD professors as they are indulged into technical stuff more than the writing work. However, few guidelines about the PhD thesis and PhD projects are mentioned in this article.

PhD Thesis Support

The first and most prominent thing to understand is what is a thesis and how should be organized and what should be covered in the thesis?

Times have remarkably changed since the introduction of PhD thesis in the research at professional level. The synchronization of the implementation of the research work with the thesis would be the best way to write a PhD thesis as the progression in the research work would go along with the writing work. The thesis should be written in a lucid format and the inclusion of some frightening words should be avoided just to attract the reader.  

The PhD thesis is a research report and it should depict the previous work done in that field and the work extended by the researcher to accomplish the research. The first 3-4 pages decide whether the reader would read it thoroughly or would just turn or scroll down the pages.

The abstract of the thesis should clearly mention the brief summary of the report so that the reader can get an idea about the conventional work and the future scope of the work enclosed in the thesis.

The thesis should give the grass root details of every concept mentioned in that and should not exceed the word limit on a particular concept. The reader will look for the effective and outstanding content and research work to assess the thesis, so it should be informative leaving everything at the beneath.

The research work done by the author should be placed in a well organized and easy to get format and should be clear that what research has the author done. It should be made crystal clear that what the work is done by the author himself.

The text should be very clear focusing on right words and a standard grammar to form the sentences as the reader doesn't want that the author do not possess anything at writing skills leaving apart technical skills.

Some general tips to make the PhD Thesis is listed below:

  •      Copyright Form
  •      University or Title Page
  •      Abstract
  •      Acknowledgements
  •      Table of Contents
  •      Introduction
  •      Literature Review
  •      Preliminaries: Methodology, Research Materials and tools used in research, Theory etc.
  •      Results and Calculations
  •    Future work and its scope with adequate conclusion
  •    References and Appendices

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