Monday, 19 January 2015

SiliconMentor: The Best R&D Unit for M.Tech and Phd Scholars

M.Tech projects for the ECE  and CSE for M.Tech thesis in Digital Image processing, Video Processing, VLSI, DSP,  are cultivated and dragged up to research with the paper publication and thesis support at SiliconMentor. SiliconMentor develops its own algorithms and IPs and the hardware implementation of the algorithms is done on FPGA for the real time operations. SiliconMentor not only supports the research in VLSI frontend but as well as in the VLSI Backend and works in a way to widespread the research to be done in the M.Tech thesis and PhD thesis.

The M.Tech projects are handled with the primary focus on what could be the best out of the basic designs and further enhancements in the base papers. SiliconMentor works on the implementation of IEEE Research papers and enhancement in the papers as research work by the students.

SiliconMentor provides the technical guidance for projects and thesis to the M.Tech students and PhD scholars to ensure them to get a research level platform accompanied by the technical support in their academic and industrial research. Silicon Mentor’s unique guidance and support propaganda allows the research inquisitive students to do the research through hands on practice in the above described domains.

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