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Get Support for PhD Thesis & Projects

The Most important part of an environment or nature is the living organism and human have ability to change and make new invention for good cause. These words describe the importance of the contribution of the researchers/ and give the answer of all the questions that “why do we do any research?” Silicon Mentor Student understands these values and focus on the various research areas which goes in depth of the science of the nature. We at Silicon Mentor provides research framework for researchers and students for their PhD projects/PhD thesis. Silicon Mentor provides guidance for the implementation of PhD thesis and projects. Silicon Mentor’s core research team is indulged in various research catalogs such as FPGA Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms, Biomedical Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing and Low Power VLSI design techniques.

In FPGA Implementation of the Image Processing Algorithms first phase of the research is to develop an algorithm on the basis of particular requirements and send it for the implementation in the real time. The real time implementation requires hardware implementation of the PhD Thesis or project. The key process for these PhD projects as follows.

               PhD VLSI Projects 

Biomedical Signal Processing contains the observation and extraction of the biomedical signals for cure of illness and enhancing the living organism capability. At Silicon Mentor we are working on various sub domains of the Biomedical Signal Processing. Silicon Mentor’s working domains for Biomedical Signal Processing research:

PhD Thesis Support

As the demands for the faster and low space integrated circuits are increasing exponentially the problem of heat dissipation is increasing. Therefore to get rid of this deadlock in the form of trade off of the Semiconductor technology Semiconductor Fables and Semiconductor Fabrication labs are investing in low power integrated circuits research and developments. We at Silicon Mentor encourage and provide guidance to PhD researcher to do their PhD thesis and research projects with us to make a value of their research. At Silicon Mentor we have covered the following sub-domains of low power VLSI PhD Projects.

               VLSI PhD Projects
In DSP we deal with signal processing, speech recognition, ECG signals.

PhD Thesis in DSP

In DIP we usually work on the image segmentation, image recognition, classifiers, image and video compression i.e. computer vision.

Our main motto is to work on these domains to direct the PhD students and researchers for their PhD thesis and projects according to recent trends in above mentioned domains. Silicon Mentor helps to choose the best topics and research titles for research. Therefore the researchers who want to add value to their research and make a contribution the world of science and technology they can do their research with silicon mentor.

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